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Welcome to the Motorcycling home of Team Turner Racing

Team Turner is involved in the fast action and exciting sports of Enduro's and 'Straight Line' Sprinting

What is an Enduro?

Enduro events are some what of a cross between Motocross and Rallying. The bikes used are similar to Motocross motorcycles except for the addition of lights and they are homologated for road use. Team Turner is mainly involved in 2-Man enduro events organised in the ACU Eastern Centre. These events are usually held on private land which mainly compresses mixture of open farmland and wooded areas. In the 2-man events each of the two riders has two 30 minute sessions in the morning and another two in the afternoon. The idea is for the rider to complete as many laps as possible in the 30 minutes and then there is a rider change. If the rider change is early or late then that rider is penalised a portion of a lap for every minute early or late. In the afternoon the course direction is reversed, and the first lap the first rider (of the pair) completes in the afternoon is timed and is used in case of a tie. The courses generally consist of a mixture of fast open sections (like Motocross) and slower more technical sections (like Rallying) and are typically 3 - 5 miles in length. The overall winning team is the team who completes the most laps minus any time penalties. If there is a tie then the team with the quicker timed lap are the winners

What is a Straight Line Sprint?

'Straight Line' Sprinting is very much like Drag Racing with the idea being to complete a standing start mile in the quickest time possible. The bikes used can range from standard road going machines to very special one-off 'Drag Bikes'

Motorcycle racing is somewhat of a family tradition. The tradition started in 1947 with Brian Green (Dale and Wayne's grandfather). He started by racing Grasstrack until he got called up for the army. In 1952 after leaving the army he started racing again, this time piloting Grasstrack Sidecars. In 1955 Brian moved onto piloting Road Race Sidecars and competed in the world famous Isle of Mann TT races between the years of 1957 and 1965. He still competes occasionally in 'Straight Line' Sprinting events. The next in the family to compete was Steven Green (Brian's son). He started in 1975 racing Grasstack, and continued until 1983. From here he went onto race Outboard Hydroplanes and made a return to motorcycle competition in 1999 when he started 'Straight line' sprinting with both modern and Classic machines. In 1978 Barry Turner (Dale and Wayne's father) started Grasstrack racing. In 1983 he moved on to compete in Trails events for 3 years. In 2004 the third generation of the family, in the form of Dale and Wayne Turner, started competing in motorcycle events, in the disciplines of Off-road Enduro's and 'Straight line' sprinting

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