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Team Turner is involved in the fast action and exciting sport of Power Boat Racing and in particular Outboard Hydroplane Racing

What is Outboard Hydroplane Racing?

Outboard Hydroplane racing can be best compared to MotoGP motorcycle racing or Formula 1 car racing as the boats are very fast for their size (125cc are capable of 70+mph and the 350cc are capable of 100+mph). The rules for the class are unrestrictive. A handful of rules govern the design of the hull and you are free to do as much tuning to the engine as you like, provided it is still naturally aspirated, fuelled via a carburettor, and the engine is within the capacity limits for the different class sizes. The engines are two-strokes and are run on Methanol.

The boats are driven by lying on your front with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the all important throttle. You also have one foot on a 'stack peddle', this peddle is to control the length of the exhausts system. On a two-stroke this can have a dramatic effect on the power of the engine and can be used to 'move' the power 'up and down' the rev range. This is used to improve acceleration out of corners with out sacrificing top speed.

Hydroplane racing is not for the faint hearted but provides some of the most impressive Power Boat racing there is

Hydroplane racing is some what of a family tradition with Wayne being the fourth person and third generation of the family to race. The tradition was started by Brian Green, Wayne's grandfather, who raced between the years of 1960 and 1974. The next in the family to race was Steven Green, Brian's son who raced between the years of 1984 and 1988. With Barry helping both of these family members (in particular engine preparation for Steven) it got him interested in the sport and started racing in 1990. Wayne started racing in 2004 when he was sponsored by a very competitive outfit to use for the year.

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